Venessa Arizaga is Here!

New Bling for Spring!

In bright neon hues to pump up basic tees and jeans, or matte black lace-like shapes, these collar style necklaces are the perfect addition to any wardrobe without the major overhaul.

Collar necklaces were huge last fall and are now a staple for Spring and Summer.

About Venessa Arizaga:

“After graduating in 2003, the Parsons grad quickly rose within the industry as a designer in Tuleh, then Carolina Herrera and most recently, Design Director at Zac Posen. Venessa was privileged to dress some of the world’s most beautiful and accomplished women, from Renee Zellweger, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep to the Queen Rania of Jordan, but, she always dreamed of exploring her own aesthetic, under her own name and creative vision.

On a 2007 trip to Puerto Rico, inspired by the natural beauty of the beaches and the relaxed island culture, Venessa began spontaneously hand-making jewelry. Using colorful silk threading to weave seashells, natural stones and a diverse mix of her own charms with luxe chains and settings, Venessa created whimsical statement necklaces, each with a different story. These witty, mixed-media pieces would become the basis of the first collection of Venessa Arizaga jewelry – informed by her love of contrasting materials and a magpie eye for colorful cultural references. Made for women with strong character and a sense of humor, the handmade, bespoke pieces with a modern twist are exotic yet elegant. Bold statement jewelry, chunks chains interwoven with rainbow silk threads, the sea and natural materials such as stones and crystals make for unique, eclectic pieces.

Since then, Venessa’s line has been picked up by Bergdorf Goodman, Ashley Turen and other speciality boutiques. In May 2010, she took the leap and left Posen to focus full time on her jewelry collection. Since then, she has been featured on Harper’s Bazzar and Seventeen as well as in Vogue.

Venessa continues to find inspiration in her travels, constantly stowing trinkets, shells and ceramics in her carry-on, to create unique pieces with a bohemian spirit.” from Venessa Arizaga’s site.