Settlement Goods & Design closed in February of 2015.


About Our Store

Our store, Settlement Goods & Design is a boutique specializing in American brands and designers. We have curated a selection of some of the best and most forward-thinking companies that are still producing consumer goods in the United States.

Our brands are both small and large, but all have the unique distinction of still being made in America.

Our philosophy is simple, what’s made close to home is better for you.

Rather than buying clothes and products from brands that make money off of exploiting cheap labor and materials, Settlement looks for manufacturers and designers that prefer to do business close to home. It’s our belief that these manufacturers and designers hold a greater amount of control over their labor practices, their environmental waste, and the quality of the products they produce.

Our store has one foot firmly planted in the past, and the other in the future. We love brands with history and lasting style. We love brands with interesting twists on old favorites and, most of all, we love brands that pride themselves on the quality and integrity of what they make.