Gift Guide: For Your Mom

Clockwise from Left to Right:

Woodgrain Velvet Pillow from Kevin O’Brien in Coral
Circle Print Serving Platter from Terra Firma in black
Beatrice Necklace from Venessa Arizaga in Neon Pink
Strawberry Fields Bracelet from Venessa Arizaga in Neon Pink
Large Fatty Leather Pouch from Tracy Tanner in Royal Foil
Composition No. 6 Parfum from Joya
Cordelia Necklace from Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer

Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer SS13 is here!

Be sure to come by to get your hands on one today, they always sell out quick!

Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer is quite possibly the most unique jewelry designer in America today. Hot off of recent features in Elle and Cosmopolitan, the new season of Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer comes to Settlement Goods.

Settlement’s Newest Collaboration with artist/designer Selven O’Keef Jarmon

Settlement Goods & Design (Houston) and Selven O’Keef Jarmon (Houston, South Africa) are pleased to present an evening celebrating the newest collaboration the store has done with an outside designer.

The reception for the collaboration is on February 28th, from 6-8pm. Selven will be in attendance.

Selven worked with the existing logo of Settlement Goods & Design to produce his design. He hand drew the “lace face” pattern which comes from the “eye” in Settlement’s logo. The hand-sewn buttons add texture and interest to the design to create a commentary on the idea of multiples. Through the juxtaposition of the two design elements, Selven has created something intimate and special from a seemingly ubiquitous object and an original drawing.

About the Designer:
Selven O’Keef Jarmon is a Fashion Designer/ visual artist from the United States who has defined his career as a fashion designer working within the visual arts space as well, playing each medium off each other as social and cultural commentary. He studied music at Texas Southern University. Under his own Label – “Selven O’Keef Jarmon”, he has produced two Collections a year (Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter), costumes for various theatre productions and was Ghost Designer for Tootsies boutiques before moving to South Africa in 2003. Inspired by a desire to incorporate social consciousness into his work, South Africa became the conduit for channelling interest into the visual art space as his artistic work connected with the social, cultural and political climate there. His visual output in South Africa includes the designing and conceptual development of the Academic Regalia Aesthetic for the newly form Walter Sisulu University while incorporating master class training in gown construction to community seamstress in the Eastern Cape, the development of “New Imaginations for School Uniforms – (NISU)” a project for high school students and community seamstress funded by the Nelson Mandela Institute and the KWANDA Reality Makeover Show for prime time TV South Africa – 13 episodes. Within the scope of the KWANDA TV Show, Selven founded the KWANDA Klothing Label as a collective group of South African fashion graduates. Since moving back to the United States in 2010 and while working in South Africa, Selven has been included in the Perspectives 144 exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, group show exhibitions at Pouissant Gallery, Deborah Colton Gallery featured artist exhibition and Neiman Marcus Dallas Downtown Store Windows for the Dallas Art Fair. His work has been frequently documented in numerous articles and periodicals, TV and Audio Media including the recently published Texas Artist Today coffee table book. His work is in the Private Collections of Artists and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Venessa Arizaga is Here!

New Bling for Spring!

In bright neon hues to pump up basic tees and jeans, or matte black lace-like shapes, these collar style necklaces are the perfect addition to any wardrobe without the major overhaul.

Collar necklaces were huge last fall and are now a staple for Spring and Summer.

About Venessa Arizaga:

“After graduating in 2003, the Parsons grad quickly rose within the industry as a designer in Tuleh, then Carolina Herrera and most recently, Design Director at Zac Posen. Venessa was privileged to dress some of the world’s most beautiful and accomplished women, from Renee Zellweger, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep to the Queen Rania of Jordan, but, she always dreamed of exploring her own aesthetic, under her own name and creative vision.

On a 2007 trip to Puerto Rico, inspired by the natural beauty of the beaches and the relaxed island culture, Venessa began spontaneously hand-making jewelry. Using colorful silk threading to weave seashells, natural stones and a diverse mix of her own charms with luxe chains and settings, Venessa created whimsical statement necklaces, each with a different story. These witty, mixed-media pieces would become the basis of the first collection of Venessa Arizaga jewelry – informed by her love of contrasting materials and a magpie eye for colorful cultural references. Made for women with strong character and a sense of humor, the handmade, bespoke pieces with a modern twist are exotic yet elegant. Bold statement jewelry, chunks chains interwoven with rainbow silk threads, the sea and natural materials such as stones and crystals make for unique, eclectic pieces.

Since then, Venessa’s line has been picked up by Bergdorf Goodman, Ashley Turen and other speciality boutiques. In May 2010, she took the leap and left Posen to focus full time on her jewelry collection. Since then, she has been featured on Harper’s Bazzar and Seventeen as well as in Vogue.

Venessa continues to find inspiration in her travels, constantly stowing trinkets, shells and ceramics in her carry-on, to create unique pieces with a bohemian spirit.” from Venessa Arizaga’s site.

Settlement’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Clockwise from Left to Right:

Datum Earrings by Erin Considine in Sterling Silver and Hand-dyed Fiber
Lava Necklace made exclusively for Settlement by Dirty Librarian Chains
Dreamcatcher with purple tie-dye, feathers and wooden moon shaped pendant
Chevrolet Key Ring cast in Silver by Kiel Mead
Wormwood Absinthium Cream – 4oz by Prospector
2 Button Boxer Brief Ribbed Supima/Modal w/ Lycra, Navy Pack of 2 by Choctaw Ridge
Cast Brass Deer Buckle and Brown Leather Belt by Kiel Mead
Banded Robe with Leather Carrier in Black & Clay Bar from The Portland Collection by Pendleton
7 Billion Hearts #205 limited edition fragrance by CB I Hate Perfume
Thin Bracelet in Technicolor by Peppercotton
Sydney Hale Co. hand poured soy candle in various scents
Bustier in Scarlet by The Lake & Stars
Garter Brief by The Lake & Stars

Peppercotton is here!

…and we couldn’t be more excited!

Shimmering strands with subtle transitions of color are just the right thing to get you into Spring!

“Once upon a time, a boy called Patrick Culpepper met a girl named Aurelia Cotton at the Rhode Island School of Design. Although Patrick focused on painting while Aurelia studied apparel, the pair always found themselves working together. Their creative union strengthened in 2008 when they collaboratively designed Aurelia’s thesis collection.

After hearing a large Swarovski crystal donation was sequestered in a clandestine tower on campus, they sought their bounty like pirates to buried treasure. Though the future of their liberated booty remained uncertain, to let this resource remain untapped felt a crime.

Coincidentally, similar motives encouraged them to impulsively purchase spools of discounted tubular mesh at a sale months prior. Finding themselves atop a mountain of mesh and a sea of loose crystals, they realized how to apply both to Aurelia’s collection. Like sausages, they stuffed the tubes full of loose crystals, and the Peppercotton aesthetic was born. Beautiful as their crystal-encrusted garments were, the medium would sell best as jewelry.

Three months after Aurelia’s graduation in 2009, they went into business as Peppercotton. Moving to Brooklyn soon after, Patrick worked for artist Gwenn Thomas while Aurelia assisted designer Susan Cianciolo. Each mentor educated them about working for yourself as an artist in New York without compromising your integrity. It was through Cianciolo that they met Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and her namesake store became the first to sell Peppercotton in 2011.

Their collection decorated the influential shoulders of New York’s fashion elite including style icons like Becka Diamond and Andrew Mukamal. Legendary stylist Lori Goldstein became one of their earliest fans, demonstrating her devotion by featuring Peppercotton in “A Call for Camp” for Vogue Japan in June 2011 as well as the controversial “Haute Mess” cover story from April 2012 Vogue Italia.” from Peppercotton.

Buyer’s Picks: Winter to Spring Women’s Picks

Here we have a great look to transition into the spring season while it’s still chilly out.

Hi Settlement Fans! We are starting a new series of blog posts of outfits based on our buyer’s favs.

The Lava Necklace is a great piece made exclusively for Settlement by Dirty Librarian Chains of mixed metal so it’s very versatile.

The tamarind color in the blouse and vest can work flawlessly with navy and black, a perfect way to add some color to your favorite neutrals.

These cupro pants are a great alternative to silk, since they are stronger as a fabric and can be easily dressed up or down, not to mention they’re super comfy but sophisticated.


From top to bottom:
The Lava Necklace made exclusively with Dirty Librarian Chains, $250
Malay Vest in Stripe by Morgan Carper, $485 on sale now for $291
Tola Top in Tamarind by Morgan Carper, $319 on sale now for $191.40
Almont Pant in Black by Popomomo, $170 on sale now for $102

The Lava Necklace

Behold the limited run of the Lava Necklace by Dirty Librarian Chains here at Settlement! There are only 7 of them EVER, so contact us at to for more pictures and pricing!

About the Lava Necklace:

The convertible necklace can be worn either as a choker length with a chain drop down the back, or as a longer classic collar shape. The Lava Necklaces are all made by hand by the designer Susan Domelsmith in her Brooklyn studio using components from past eras.  Every piece in this series is slightly unique as a result of using available materials from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.  Susan returns to her signature draping style in statement form with a mix of vintage chains in silver and gold with accents in copper, brass, and hematite.  The beads, charms and some of the chains are sourced from a US based jewelry factory that has closed as mass market production took over and moved overseas.  The rest of the components were hand selected by the designer on one of her road trips around the US.  As Domelsmith creates all of her designs with a zero waste model, the owners of these pieces will know that this statement piece was formed with a beneficial impact on the environment.

The striking patina on the focal brass disc component is natural with extra details added by hand, the pieces were then tumbled to complete the aged look.  A handmade porcelain vintage hematite bead is placed near a brushed copper diamond shaped charm.  Three tiny moon copper moon charms and a gold plated bead from the 1970’s add impact and balance the necklace.  The charm on the extending chain looks striking when worn down the back as the choker length and is composed of a gold charm secured with a black enamel chain link for added contrast.

***The designer behind Dirty Librarian Chains, Susan Domelsmith, will be making a special appearance at Settlement Goods in the Spring of 2013 to rework your vintage and heirloom pieces into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that you will adore forever.  Start setting aside your pieces to bring in now!***

Gift Guide: For the Social Butterfly

Clockwise from left to right:
Royale Bodysuit in Black Lace by The Lake & Stars, $155
Velvet Ombre Pillow in Lilac and Gold by Kevin O’Brien Studios, $218
Valerie Dress in Black Wool with Black Leather Belt by Kymerah, $416
Lava Necklace made exclusively for Settlement by Dirty Librarian Chains, $250
Linwood Bucket Bag in American Heritage Brown Leather by J.W. Hulme, $690
Pyrite Ring with 1pt Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver by Aesa, $225
Pomegranate, Laurel and White Pepper Scented Diffuser by Joya, $76

Gift Guide: For the Classic Man

Clockwise from left to right:

Donegal Clarence Blazer from The Portland Collection by Pendleton, $355
Blue Herringbone Weave 100% Cotton Tie by Gitman, $76
Red and Navy Holiday Plaid Long Sleeve Dress Shirt by Gitman Bros., $160
KAX Legend Pants by Grown and Sewn, $185
Deer Buckle with Brown Leather Belt by Kiel Mead, $180
Slim Portfolio Briefcase in American Heritage Brown Leather by J.W. Hulme, $520
Tiger’s Eye and Sterling Silver Cufflinks by Jody Candrian, $100
K.C. Atwood Aftershave 4 oz. by Prospector Co., $18